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Calming Energies Adult Classical Hatha Yoga Classes:


Yoga Pose

bullet Basic yoga
A gentle approach to traditional yoga which includes the fundamentals of stretches, alignment, postures, breathing practices and relaxation. A regular yoga practice helps to release stress, increase flexibility, calms the mind and builds a stronger body. No prior knowledge of yoga is required.


PDFWelcome to Basic Yoga (downloadable flyer)

Yoga Pose

bulletBeyond Basics Yoga
This class will include traditional yoga postures, breathing and techniques for those who have taken a basic yoga class for at least six months. It will also cover new postures, breathing exercises (including neti pot), sequences and variations on postures.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat. Yoga blocks, blosters, straps, and yoga blankets are provided for anyone who needs or would like to use one.


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