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Benefits of Baby Massage

Infant massage is a holistic practice that has been passed down through generations in many countries. It provides a nurturing foundation for well being that is critical during this delicate and vulnerable time in your baby's life.

This ancient art provides an opportunity to create and deeepen a loving, intimate bond that emotionally nourishes both you and your baby. During this one on one quality time, the loving touch and eye to eye contact instills in your child a sense of feeling loved and helps to develop their self esteem. It also increases your self confidence as you learn to read your baby's cues.

Infant massage enhances relaxation and helps your baby to release physical tension. The nurturing touch is calming to the nervous system as it reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins in the brain. The soothing strokes help to increase the effencicy of the immune system. It not only helps rid the body of metabolic waste products but brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

The most wonderful aspect of infant massage is connecting with your child on a deeper level. The easy to learn massage routine gives you the skills to provide relief for the common problems of colic, trapped gas , and constipation. The massage routine is not only for infants but can be used to provide comfort through all of your child's developmental stages from babies to toddlers and beyond.

At Calming Energies, it is a joy and privilege to teach this time honored tradition. We offer both private and group classes in infant massage, infant massage with yoga, and toddler massage. Calmng Energies gift certificates are available for any of our classes and make a great gift for baby showers, mother's day, or any occasion.

Please call us at (612) 272-4226 to schedule your appointment. Our web site contains detailed information regarding all of the classes we teach as well as our current class schedule. You can also reach us by e-mail at

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