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My Mouse Teacher

So often I do not realize spiritual growth; the changes can be so subtle. A special lesson, however, was recently taught to me by a baby mouse, so young and small that its eyes were still closed. Here is what I learned:

On Tuesday morning as we were leaving for a play date, my daughter, Autumn, noticed something in the middle of the garage. It was so tiny - about an inch long - that I had to look very closely to recognize it as a baby mouse. How this tiny creature who could barely move managed to appear in the middle of our garage is beyond me. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I put it in a corner of the garage on a soft gardening glove, hoping its mother would find it (and remove it!) soon. Throughout the day Autumn kept wanting to see the baby mouse. It soon became clear that its mother was gone.

Upon waking the next morning, Autumn asked to see "my mouse" again. I was sure it would probably not be alive, so I had a conversation with my daughter instructing her to note that the mouse may have moved its spirit to a different place. We would buy some flowers and bury its body in Mother Earth.

When we reached the garage, I was very surprised to see that the mouse was still alive. I knew there was a lesson to be learned if I opened up my heart and let the sages teach me, so I tried my best. When I called our vet's office, I was recommended to find a wildlife rescue center. I went on line and found a wildlife rehabilitation center in Roseville. Even as I was dialing the phone, my mind was telling me "They're not going to care about a baby mouse!" but to my surprise they told me to bring it in.

I explained to Autumn that we were going to take the mouse to an animal doctor, and they would try to heal the mouse. We gingerly put the baby in a small box with a soft lining and left for our adventure. As we drove I noticed my thoughts and feelings. They were peaceful. My mind was telling me that I might be too late to save the mouse, which normally would have made me very sad and upset, but I was at peace. I was too peaceful to react in my normal way of sadness at the loss of the life of an animal.


Last week I thought much of wanting to do hospice work with children and realized yesterday that it does not have to be sad to work with them. I would be there to help their journey be more comfortable as their soul processes its destination back to Mother Divine. My job would be to proide healing touch with a peaceful and nurturing nature. It is about their journey, not their dropping of bodies. This distinction became very clear to me yesterday after finding the mouse.

That little mouse taught me many lessons. My old behavior and thoughts tried to persist, but I just could not react in my old manner. I was also able to use this situation as a teachable time with Autumn.

Of course Autumn thought the doctor would give his health back to the mouse and it would come back with us. She was not too happy that it was going to a new home. But eventually she accepted the fact that the receptionist at the center shared with us. The little mouse would go to a woman who takes in mice and rehabilitates them so that they can be released back into the wild. So will our little mouse go.

I am quite thankful for the clear lessons learned in this life episode and the tiny baby mouse that provided them.


Kaitlin Fuller

Published in the Himalayan Path - Journal of Yoga Spirituality and Wellness - Volume 10, Number 4, Autumn 2010


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